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Ruby on Rails on unofficial Chrome OS

Posted by javier ramirez on September 29, 2009

update: I thought this Chrome OS distribution was THE google distro. I was wrong. It’s just someone who used SUSE Studio to make a customized version of Open SUSE around the Chromium theme. With the site being on a google site and the code on a google code repository, I thought this was it, but no.. this distro is totally unrelated to google.

Chrome OS is by now just a bit more than a curiosity. In the meanwhile, you can go and download a non-official distribution mimicking what it could be, but be warned, all you are going to get is an Open Suse distribution with Chromium installed and a blue theme with a cute logo. Hopefully the real ChromeOS will be much lighter and more user-friendly.

Starting the virtual appliance from VirtualBox is easy. You create a new virtual media with the virtual media manager and then a virtual machine using this new media. That should be it. If you leave the default options (64MB) you’ll end up with a really slow boot. I set the base memory to 512K and things are much better.

What will you find in this distribution apart from Chromium? Zip, Zero, Null.. or if you are into ruby, nil.

Truth is, this distribution is a bit too rough around the edges (when it comes to internationalization, even if it ask you for the keyboard settings, it will just ignore them), but being a SUSE, you can install whatever you want. The only thing you’ll need is the root password. Since I’m such a hacker it took me almost no time to realize the root password was “root” (my other options being “sergei”, “larry” and “640Koughttobeenough”.

Once you have root access, you can use Yast for installing anything you might need. Just for fun I installed ruby, rubygems and sqlite3 via Yast, and then rails using gem. I had to run a gem update –system so I could use rails 2.3.4 and I generated a scaffold to see if everything was fine. Well, it was :)

ruby on rails running on google chrome os

ruby on rails running on google chrome os

Well, even if it was utterly useless, at least I found a cool way of making customized SUSE distros in an easy way ;)

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it’s the end of the e-world as we know it

Posted by javier ramirez on July 7, 2009

Five years

I’ve been working for companies that didn’t last for so long. I’ve never been working in a company for so long come to think of it ;). I had best friends that didn’t last for so long either and I’ve seen plenty of marriages finishing much earlier than that.

Living on the world we live, it’s hard to remember exactly how it was five years ago. I’d say I was still using a landline for internet access. And I was sharing the 54K connection using a proxy.. how uncool is that? ;)

A bit over five years ago, gmail was launched.. More than five years later, gmail is finally removing the “beta” tag.

And I feel fine

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instalando Google Native Client

Posted by javier ramirez on December 10, 2008

Mientras buscaba información de otra cosa, me he cruzado con este post donde explican un poco de qué va native client el nuevo invento de google

La instalación parece fácil. Descomprimir un fichero y probar directamente algún ejemplo desde línea de comandos, y después de eso ejecutar un script para instalar native code como plugin de firefox. La primera parte ha funcionado sin problemas pero, a la hora de instalar, me he encontrado un error.

I don't know where to install browser plugins.


Como ya sabeis, mi entorno principal de desarrollo es windows XP, aunque por lo que he podido ver en el código, el problema puede pasar en cualquier entorno soportado (linux, OSx, windows). El instalador, en python, va a buscar a tiro hecho el directorio de plugins de firefox, con lo que si tu instalación no está exactamente donde espera, te da este error.

En mi caso, el directorio de firefox no es el que se usa por defecto, así que me tocaba modificarlo, pero el script no admite parámetros.

Que no panda el cúnico… en el directorio donde hayas descomprimido native client, verás una carpeta “tools” que contiene un fichero

¿No sabes python? No pasa nada.. el cambio que necesitamos hacer es mínimo. Busca en el fichero la cadena “Linux_install”, “Windows_install” o “Mac_install”, dependiendo de tu entorno. Verás que hay una variable “PLUGINDIR” que se está definiendo. Haz los cambios que necesites para que apunte al path apropiado y guarda los cambios (el fichero viene comprimido como read-only, así que cámbialo antes de editar si es necesario).

Ya está.. ya puedes volver al directorio original y ejecutar el famoso

./scons --prebuilt firefox_install

.\scons.bat --prebuilt firefox_install

no contaban con mi astucia ;)

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