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Eclipse buttons not working on Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Posted by javier ramirez on December 23, 2009

Lately I was experiencing a strange behavior when working with Eclipse/RadRails. Some of the buttons didn’t work anymore. I could click on them, but they’d just appear as selected, without performing any actions. I had to use the enter key to actually click on the button.

Since I had run an update some days ago, I was blaming some new version of one of the installed plugins.. but I was wrong.

Today I read this post where it explains how to fix it. It’s a conflict between Eclipse and the latest versions of GTK+. By setting the GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS variable to use native windows, everything is back to normal.

And they lived happily ever after (or until the next major release anyway)


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Upgrading to RadRails 1.2.1

Posted by javier ramirez on April 7, 2009

Aptana RadRails 1.2 is out there. If you are lucky enough, your Aptana installation will prompt you to upgrade and everything will go just fine.

In case your installation is a bit too old, or if you installed everything manually and when checking for updates Aptana says there’s nothing new, you can still install the latest version by using Eclipse “software updates”.

As Chris says in the forums, the update site for RadRails is

When I tried to update by using that site, I got one error because this update depends on the latest version of Aptana Studio but, you guessed it right, Aptana check for updates insisted I had already the latest one.. but I knew I didn’t.

Once again, you can use Eclipse standard update procedure by using the Aptana Studio update site corresponding to your eclipse version, as explained here.

I’ve been using the latest version all day long and so far so good. It has some nice features like the rake files overview and the “explore files” option (I can finally say bye to the EasyStruts plugin), a polished interface, and improved compatibility with Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4.

Great work from the Aptana guys .

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Aptana RadRails. El libro… Mi libro ;)

Posted by javier ramirez on May 5, 2008

Ya va quedando menos para que se publique el libro de RadRails en el que llevo trabajando varios meses. Acabo de terminar los últimos cambios después de las revisiones técnicas y ya queda sólo la revisión de estilo de los últimos tres capítulos.

portada del libro

En la web de la editorial ya han creado la página para el libro, así que parece que esto ya no tiene marcha atrás (aunque el título todavía podría sufrir algún cambio)

La verdad es que tiene su aquel eso de ver tu nombre en la portada de un libro… y eso que al final no han escogido mi propuesta de foto para la portada ;)

mi propuesta de portada

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