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Video of my talk “Jruby On Rails” at the Sun Open Communities Forum

Posted by javier ramirez on August 23, 2009

I just knew the video of my talk about JRuby on Rails at the Sun Open communities Forum is already online. Funny how a google alert let me know this video has been published even before the official web page of the event was updated.

The talk is in Spanish and the slides I used are available at slideshare.

If you are a Java developer interested in JRuby and you are going to be in Madrid in September, stay tuned because it’s very likely I will be speaking again about JRuby in SIMO


4 Responses to “Video of my talk “Jruby On Rails” at the Sun Open Communities Forum”

  1. How about an english translation for those of us that are bi-linqually challenged?

    • Wayne, I don’t think I will provide a translation of the video, but I can point you to very good resources in English you might be interested in.

      My presentation had three parts: What is Ruby, What is Ruby on Rails, and What is JRuby.

      For the “what’s ruby” part I was quoting several parts of “the power and philosophy of Ruby” [1] by Matz, and of “10 things every JAVA programmer should know about Ruby” [2] by Jim Weirich

      The “What’s Rails” part was a very generic intro highlighting the most interesting parts you can find all over the web (full-stack framework, design principles, and using an scaffold to generate boilerplate code)

      The “What’s JRuby” part was mainly a summary of the sections “JRuby Basics” and “Jruby on Rails” you can find at jruby’s official wiki [3]

      The rest of the talk was mainly yada-yada and bad jokes, so you are not really missing anything if you read the resources I’m linking here ;)


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