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install nokogiri and libxml on ubuntu

Posted by javier ramirez on May 28, 2009

a quick one..

the scenario:
you want to install nokogiri on ubuntu but you cannot get the gem to install because of unmet dependencies

the solution:

sudo apt-get install libxml2 libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev
sudo gem install nokogiri

the end

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EuRuKo 2009 (Barcelona’s Edition)

Posted by javier ramirez on May 12, 2009

What a fantastic weekend it was.

I met interesting people, I learnt a bunch of new tricks, I had fun in the talks (and out of them too!), and it didn’t rain so we could hang out of the citilab building between sessions. win, win, win.

As you know I was a part of the organization, together with Aitor García Rey, David Calavera, Emili Parreño, Fernando Guillén, Jaime Iniesta, Jorge Cangas, Juanjo Bazán, Marcelino Llano, Miquel Oliete, Raúl Murciano, and Xavier Noria

It’s a real shame Aitor and David couldn’t attend finally due to personal issues, so they couldn’t receive the applause of the audience by the end of the conference. A big part of it belongs to them :)

Being a part of the organization it would be inelegant to say how good the event went, so let me just skip that part and go directly to my personal impressions.

If I had to provide a one-liner as a summary it would go something like “Everybody was as cool as everybody else.. and that was actually so cool!”.

Let me ellaborate on that for a while. We are software developers, and so we are divas at heart (I know I am one for sure). We have attitude, lots of attitude :) Some of us love to be at the spotlight, and others really enjoy to play the chamaleon and blend with the environment… but deep down we all have a lot of attitude and that shows in our disposition to work, in our way of coding, and in so many other things.

In the recent bob-against-giles debate, that kind of attitude was referred to as “arrogance” when talking about the smalltalk/C++ guys. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all against generalizations -positive ones too- so I will not say everybody in those communities was arrogant. I would say it was a huge minority indeed. But.. the arrogance was there somewhere in those groups. And it is in so many facets of the software world. The rockstar developer myth.

And I thought that kind of arrogance existed in the Ruby community -whatever community means anyway- too. And I was proved wrong! There I was hanging around with common people, down to earth, as humble as you get.. and then I was shocked to know those people were actually developers like Mislav with so many world-level plugins, or Aslak contributing to the revolution of testing, or Tomasz doing black magic with code at the rythm of the metal, or Pratik and Xavier working in the shadow so we can get the best documentation ever, or Martha who knows so many things about so many subjects and delivers great presentations, and so many others. Not to mention the great Matsumoto San.

I was so surrounded by talent! and I couldn’t see even a single trace of rock star attitude… no looking down, no anything.. just openness and curiosity and a helping hand. And that ROCKS!

So, there.. that’s my summary of EuRuKo 2009. Sure there were also cool talks (and great delicious fantastic lighting talks!), and there was lot of partying, but you already knew that because it’s all documented in the euruko bot :)

What a fantastic weekend it was. Long live EuRuKo


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